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Conservative Norway PM concedes defeat

Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg, in power for eight years, has conceded defeat in Norway’s general election as the Scandinavian country swung leftward.

On her way to the podium to deliver her concession speech on Monday, Solberg told reporters that she had called the head of the Labor Party to congratulate him on his victory.

The first official projection earlier indicated that the centre-left bloc in Norway appeared to have won after a campaign dominated by climate change and the future of the country’s oil and gas exploration industry.

“Now we can say it: We did it,” the head of the Labor Party, Jonas Gahr Stoere, told a cheering and clapping crowd.

Based on a preliminary count of nearly 52 per cent of the votes, the projection indicated the Labor Party and its two allies – the Socialist Left and the eurosceptic Center Party – would get a total of 101 seats in the 169-seat Stortinget assembly.

The current government would get 67.

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