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Concrete’s time to shine | The West Australian

With a slick, high-gloss finish and rock-solid durability, it’s easy to see why polished concrete is becoming an increasingly popular material choice.

Part of the appeal is the low maintenance it requires, according to Brian Burke Homes Group Managing Director Michael Burke.

“Cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent is all it needs,” he said. “If you spill some dinner or a glass of red wine on it – accidents happen – just clean it up quickly with a cloth.”

Grinding the top layer of concrete and exposing the aggregate beneath provides that sought-after decorative mosaic look which is then polished to the desired level of shine.

Mr Burke said you could easily carry the look from the external exposed aggregate into your home to maintain consistency in your design.

“In wet areas, we use a different finish to help with the waterproofing and slip rating,” he said. “Polished concrete floors are perfectly suited for underfloor heating.

“They are extremely durable and will not crack or chip like tiles or timber floorboards can.

“It is also relatively stain resistant and doesn’t allow allergens, mould or mildew to build up.”

As it’s an aggregate, consumers can choose from a range of looks to suit the aesthetic of their home.

“You can choose the base colour of the concrete, the colour and look of the aggregate, and the level of aggregate seen in the final finish,” Mr Burke said. “The finish can be customised as well – for example, you can use a high-gloss finish to mimic polished stone floors.”

Long-lasting and durable, polished concrete is ever-popular in high traffic areas such as the entry, main living areas and corridors.

With a bit of creativity, the applications for polished concrete are endless, according to Mr Burke.

“We have made a custom polished concrete barbecue/outdoor kitchen benchtop for a client,” he said. “It was completely customised for the space and all finished by hand.

“Another client had a coin collection from his global travels which he integrated into the floors to create a completely unique and personal finish.”

Another benefit is the flatness and convenience of refining the slab itself.

“A recent downsizer built a single-level home, and one of their requirements was that there were no steps or changes in height. The polished concrete allowed us to achieve this in all the main living areas,” he said, adding that the build only switched to carpet in bedrooms and tiles in ensuites, but stayed entirely level throughout.

Mr Burke said one thing to consider was smaller areas could be challenging, as the larger polishing machines wouldn’t fit and might require hand-polishing.

“Definitely achievable, but just a little more costly,” he said.


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