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Comfort and lower costs assured

A new partnership between Redink Homes and Glass Co Metro is taking the art of double glazing to the next level.

Glass Co Metro will provide Australian-designed and built windows, doors, shower screens, mirrors, splashbacks and wardrobes to all Redink Homes builds.

“The homebuilding market is very interested in internal comfort as well as energy and cost savings, and this amazing promotion has been well received by our clients,” Redink Homes Sales Manager Simon Cain said.

“They recognise what excellent value this is today, and the massive savings it will give them for years to come.”

Mr Cain said double glazing technology was not new in homebuilding and had already proven itself across the globe.

“For years it was too cost-prohibitive to be on the shopping list of most builders in WA,” he said.

“We are the first builder in Perth to embrace its advantages and offer our clients the same level of comfort and cost savings the rest of the world has enjoyed for years. Our clients recognise the many advantages of double glazing and solar PV systems.”

Suitable for all home designs in the Perth climate, double glazing keeps the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It additionally saves energy and money required to artificially heat and cool a home, and is particularly useful in homes which may be subject to outside noise sources such as busy roads, trains or airports.

“Our combined offer of double glazing, cavity wall insulation and solar power is unbeatable in the market place, and is allowing our clients to take advantage of the most modern building technologies in their new homes for a fraction of the cost,” Mr Cain said.

“The benefits of building this way will provide greater comfort and real cost savings for our clients in years to come.”

Mr Cain said Redink Homes had teamed up with Glass Co Metro and its other suppliers to offer double glazing and more to its clients at an incredible price.

“For a limited time, as part of the current Double Glazing Plus Solar Power promotion, you will receive double glazing to your aluminium windows (minus wet areas), plus a 5kW solar power system on the roof and energy saving cavity wall insulation worth over $25,000 for only $3990.

This limited promotional offer is included on Redink Homes’ range of promotional homes.

Glass Co Metro General Manager Daniel Gaunt’s top benefits of double glazing

• Double glazing keeps your home warm in winter and cooler in summer, whilst saving money on heating and cooling systems. This allows for greater thermal comfort as well as reducing your energy bills.

• You may not realise how well double glazing keeps unwanted noise out and significantly reduces internal noise levels from being heard outside the walls of your home until you have walked through a home which has double glazing.

• Double glazing is fast being added to wish lists of those wanting to purchase an established house. Put your home at the top of the shopping list of potential purchasers by double glazing the windows to your new home build, so you can reap the benefits for years to come and when the time comes to sell.

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