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Clocks change for end of daylight saving

There’s an extra hour of sleep coming up for people in some eastern Australian states as daylight saving comes to an end.

At 3am Sunday NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and the ACT wind the clock back an hour to join Queensland in the same time zone.

The change means South Australia will run half an hour behind the east coast.

Changing the time does not immediately change the body’s internal clock, Flinders University sleep health researcher Nicole Lovato said.

“After the transition off daylight saving time, the circadian rhythm is an hour out of sync, it can feel a bit like mild jet lag. You are likely to feel sleepy earlier than usual and wake up earlier than normal,” she said.

The symptoms should only last one to two days as the body’s rhythm syncs with the new standard time, Dr Lovato added.

Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory do not have daylight saving.

The next daylight saving is due to start on the first Sunday in October.

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