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Clive Anthony Nicholson applies for parole after murdering spouse, hiding body

A convicted killer who bludgeoned his wife to death and dumped her remains in Gold Coast waters is facing a fresh hurdle in his bid for parole.

Clive Anthony Nicholson bludgeoned his wife to death with a hammer at their Southport home, before dumping her body into the Southport Seaway in 2003.

He was jailed for life in 2006.

Julie’s remains have never been found, and Nicholson is considered a no body, no parole prisoner under Queensland law.

This means he cannot be granted parole unless the Parole Board is satisfied he has co-operated satisfactorily in locating the victim’s body.

Nicholson’s hearing at Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday was scheduled to run for two days but was instead adjourned following disagreements over new information he provided in 2019 as to where he dumped his wife’s body.

APRIL 29, 2004: Murder suspect Clive Nicholson arriving at Southport watchhouse with detectives after handing himself in.  PicDavid/Clark
Camera IconClive Anthony Nicholson, who was jailed for life for bludgeoning his wife to death and dumping her remains in the Southport Seaway in 2003, has applied for parole. Credit: News Limited

Nicholson had previously maintained he placed Julie’s body in ‘The Spit’ – a large portion of the Gold Coast’s waterways – in letters sent to police and others at a time Nicholson was thought to be contemplating suicide.

But in 2019 he changed his story, and disclosed to police he actually buried his wife in a hole at Cedar Grove, near Jimboomba.

Nicholson’s initial parole application last year was dismissed, with the board finding he had not given “satisfactory cooperation” in helping find Julie’s body, but Queensland’s Supreme Court then set aside that ruling, ordering another review from the board.

In his published reasons, Justice Peter Davis said no consideration was given of any motivation Nicholson would have to lie about burying his wife at Cedar Grove.

Justice Davis said there was “no direct evidence proving or disproving” either account he had previously given.

“The rationale is presumably similar, namely if death was imminent Mr Nicholson would have no reason to lie as there would be no consequences for him in telling the truth,” he said.

“On the other hand, there seems to be no identified motivation for Mr Nicholson to lie now about disposing of Mrs Nicholson’s body at Cedar Grove.”

Tim Ryan, counsel assisting the parole board, told the court on Thursday Nicholson’s differing accounts on where Julie’s remains were located were “highly relevant” in assessing his credibility.

Nicholson, sporting long white hair and a brown duster jacket, sat quietly in the dock of Brisbane Magistrates Court as he watched proceedings.

## HAVE YOU /CHECKED COPYRIGHT /CLEARANCE ??  D/i 19.08.03 copypic/Ward   Clive Anthony Nicholson - Clive's wife Julie Rose Cowen-Nicholson 48 has been missing from her Robyn St Southport home since Jul 21 2003. Clive 51 has not been seen since the afternoon of 17 Aug when he left a package & letter with the /Salvos - headshot missing persons qld (Tony Nicholson is charged with her murder)
Camera IconClive Anthony Nicholson. Credit: News Corp Australia
## HAVE YOU /CHECKED COPYRIGHT /CLEARANCE ?? 28.8.03 D/I copypic/McLachlan  woman Julie Rose Cowen-Nicholson 48 who has been missing from her Robyn St Southport home since Jul 21 2003. She lived there with her husband Clive Anthony Nicholson (who reported her missing 23/7) & their 4yr old daughter.  qld crime missing persons headshot victim (Tony Nicholson is charged with her murder)
Camera IconJulie Rose Cowen-Nicholson. Credit: News Corp Australia

“The Parole Board Queensland will meet to consider whether Mr Nicholson has given satisfactory cooperation in the investigation of the homicide offence to identify the victim‘s location,” a Queensland Correctives spokesman said.

“The Board’s decision about whether the prisoner has given satisfactory cooperation will be published at a later date.”

The hearing will resume on Friday.

News BCM Ex Gold Coast. D/i. 27.04.04. as the Clive Anthony Nicholson murder committal hearing goes ahead police continue the search for the body of Julie Nicholson missing from her Robyn St Southport home since Jul 21 2003 : Snr. Const. Adam Reid at Lake Rosser. PicAdamWard
Camera IconPolice divers searching for Julie Nicholson’s remains in 2004. Credit: News Limited

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