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Cleo Smith search: Four-year-old’s disappearance brings back painful memories for Trevor McGowan

Cleo Smith’s disappearance has sparked painful memories for the brother of a teenage girl who vanished from another campsite in WA’s remote outback in the 1970’s.

Nineteen-year-old Glenyce McGowan was last seen in December 1975, during a Pilbara road trip with her friend as a major cyclone swept through the region.

Her brother, Trevor McGowan, said four-year-old Cleo’s disappearance had unearthed his memories of when his sister vanished.

“It certainly stimulates memories, just links the memory and the past memories of my sister disappearing with this little girl,” he told ABC’s 7.30 on Tuesday night.

Mr McGowan told The West Australian in February, he believed his sister could still be alive and living under an assumed identity. Despite the Coroner ruling in May that Ms McGowan likely died at the Pilbara campsite she was last seen at, Mr McGowan holds hope she is still alive.

“I’m still hopeful that my sister will turn up. I have always kept it as a possibility,” he said.

“You just never know. People do disappear for various reasons. You always still have hope and I guess that is all you’ve got.”

Ms McGowan and her friend were on their way to Tom Price when they arrived at the Nanutarra Roadhouse on December 9, 1975.

At the time Cyclone Joan had hit the area, causing a number of roads to be closed.

Ms McGowan’s friend continued on to Roebourne the next morning.

But Miss McGowan stayed behind with a family in Nanutarra — who were also stranded — who intended to give her a lift towards Roebourne and Tom Price the following morning.

Ms McGowan made camp near the family, but the next morning the teenager and her belongings were gone.

She was reported missing several days later. Her bank accounts have never been touched and she has not been seen or heard from since.

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