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ClearVue beefs up board with industry heavyweight

Smart building products developer ClearVue Technologies has appointed John Downes as Non-Executive Director. Downes operates as Global Head of Façade Supply Chain at multinational real estate construction giant, Lendlease UK. ClearVue is looking to commercialise its solar glazing technology used to generate renewable energy in buildings from cleverly innovated window glass that sucks up energy from the sun.

ClearVue’s patented technology is a thin see through film that sits within two or more layers of window glass where it soaks up energy from the sun before delivering that energy to ClearVue’s proprietary panels that border the window glass.

The technology creates energy efficient buildings by cutting heating and cooling costs and can be used in massive high rise building glass façades to create energy– no doubt something that would appeal to mega real estate developer Lendlease.

ASX-listed Lendlease, with a market capitalisation of more than $7 billion, is a multinational construction, property and infrastructure group operating in Australia, Europe, the Americas and Asia.

At Lendlease, Mr Downes leads the business unit that supports all façade related aspects of the group’s construction, development and investment business.

Across its global operations, Lendlease aspires to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2025 and absolute zero by 2040 through its ‘Absolute Carbon Zero’ initiative. The façade unit headed by Mr Downes is set to play an instrumental role in meeting the group’s aggressive carbon emission reduction targets.

Lendlease, under the direction of Downes, believes ClearVue’s glazing technology could potentially aid the group in reaching its 2040 goals and energy efficiency targets for its global construction projects.

The appointment of John to the ClearVue board brings the much-needed experience of an industry leader in glazing and façades – the key area in which the ClearVue product and technology is targeting. John’s experience at a global level in high-rise construction façades will prove invaluable to ClearVue as we start to execute in our key markets of Europe and the US where the focus on sustainable building design and achieving Net Zero have now become paramount design requirements for nearly all new and refurbishment construction projects. We are very much looking forward to working with John to help us execute on the ClearVue vision.

Mr Downes added: “I am delighted to have been invited by ClearVue to join its board. The construction industry is challenged in finding pathways to Net Zero Carbon. New product innovations to drive positive sustainability outcomes is exactly what the industry needs and ClearVue is paving that way in the glass renewable energy sector.”

ClearVue believes its technology could transform glass into a renewable energy resource instead of simply being used as a standard building material.

According to management, the global market for building integrated photovoltaic technologies is projected to surge from US$2.3b in 2016 to US$4.3 billion this year.

The appointment to the board of a senior figure in the global construction industry looks like a good fit for ClearVue at face value as it looks to tap into the major building markets around the world.

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