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Claremont toilet pervert accused Graham Dunlop granted bail

A father accused of following women into toilets across Perth has been released on home detention bail, with a court told there were no “overt” indecent acts involved in his behaviour.

It was revealed last month that Graham William Dunlop, 64, was on a 10-month suspended prison sentence when he allegedly tailed women into the female bathroom at Claremont Quarter in April.

He is also charged with committing an indecent act in Cottesloe in the same month, in Claremont in October and trespassing at the Hive Hostel in Northbridge.

During an earlier bail hearing, the Perth Magistrate’s Court was told Mr Dunlop, the managing director of a cleaning company, had a history of similar offending and was in breach of a suspended sentence handed down on August 21 last year.

After receiving reports, Magistrate Deen Potter today released Mr Dunlop from Hakea prison on home detention bail, which means he will be electronically monitored.

Mr Potter said the material revealed he had an obsessive compulsive disorder that stemmed from issues from his childhood.

He said the accused had weaned himself off his medication without consulting his treating physicians.

“He feels a sense of security and comfort in attending female toilets,” Mr Potter said.

Mr Potter said Dunlop had a history of loitering behaviour dating back to the 1990s.

But he said it did not involve “perverse behaviour” common in indecent acts in public charges, with the court told Mr Dunlop did not expose himself, touch or speak to women.

While Mr Potter acknowledged Mr Dunlop’s alleged behaviour would be confronting, “his intention is not to cause harm”.

“It’s a case that is quite different from the usual cases we see,” he said.

Mr Dunlop’s lawyer Wendy Hughes said she would be looking into what police are claiming the indecent acts are, saying it was possible she may seek to negotiate the charges.

The court was told Mr Dunlop, of Madeley, was accused of entering a unisex shower at the hostel and two parent rooms.

Trespass charges may be more suitable in those cases, the court was told, as it seemed there was “no overt indecent act in his behaviour”.

Ms Hughes said Mr Dunlop, who is facing five counts of indecent acts in public and one count of trespass, would enter pleas at his next court appearance on July 3.

Mr Potter also imposed further bail conditions, which included the banning of Mr Dunlop from attending any public amenities, that he comply with his treatment regime, and that he not attend any appointments without his wife of 37 years.

A $5000 personal undertaking and $5000 surety were also required.

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