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Claremont serial killings trial: ‘Profiling a killer’

After three women went missing from the same area within less than two years of each other, police concluded they could be looking for a serial killer.

So they brought in FBI-trained profilers to try and get inside the mind of the person responsible for the murders of two women, and the disappearance of another.

Serial killer experts Claude Minisini and Captain David Caldwell were in Perth, after being invited by MACRO detectives when Ciara’s body was found dumped in bushland in Eglington on April 3, 1997.

The FBI experts were brought up by Supt John Leembruggen during his evidence on day 28 of WA’s trial of the century.

Supt Leembruggen, who was a detective with the MACRO taskforce in 1997, told the court he escorted the two experts into the crime scene of Ciara Glennon’s body.

As Tim Clarke explains, the experts’ inclusion in the investigation was contentious at the time, and even more contentious, was what they said.

Mr Caldwell had created a profile of the killer while in Perth.

He told WA media at the time he believed the then unknown suspect “really enjoys the killing” and “only capture or the killer’s death would stop him taking more lives.”

In this podcast, the team also discuss the injuries found on Ciara Glennon’s body, more quizzing of mortuary technicians of how they collected evidence, and why one of the technicians put a towel meant for cleaning up after an autopsy over his shoulders.

All of that, plus legal analysis and answers to some of your questions by defence lawyer Damien Cripps on day 28 of Claremont in conversation.

For more information on WA’s trial of the century, head to TheWest.com.au

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