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Claremont serial killings trial podcast: ‘What’s subsequent?’

95 trial days and 95 episodes — plus a few bonus ones — later, WA’s trial of the century has officially come to a close.

The trial has been harrowing at times, it’s been informative and eye-opening, but ultimately heartbreaking for the families and the three women whose lives were tragically taken too soon.So, what happens next?

Justice Stephen Hall has reserved his judgement until September 24 and will spend the next three months carefully analysing every piece of evidence, every witness statement and every conclusion both the prosecution and defence asked him to make – all to decide if Bradley Robert Edwards is the Claremont Serial Killer.

In this bonus episode, Natalie Bonjolo, Tim Clarke, Alison Fan and producer Kate Ryan discuss the trial, how they are feeling following Australia’s longest and most expensive criminal investigation, and the verdict they expect.

The Claremont in Conversation team would like to thank the podcast contributors — Damien Cripps, Brendan Chapman and Tom Percy QC — who shared their time and knowledge to help us understand the concepts of the trial and the complicated science.

The team would also like to say a massive thank you to The West Australian’s Emily Moulton, who worked tirelessly for 95 days to live blog every moment of the trial — without which a daily podcast would have been a lot harder to put together.

Catch up on the Claremont Serial Killings trial at thewest.com.au and stay tuned to the Claremont in Conversation podcast for more bonus episodes over the next few months.

For those wanting more on WA’s trial of the century, The West Australian has released a two-part video series, as Tim Clarke takes you through the areas which are key to the trial, from Claremont, where the women went missing, to Hollywood hospital and to the sites were Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon’s bodies were found.

To watch those videos, head to Part One and Part Two.

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