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Claremont serial killings trial podcast: ‘Getting THAT Shot’

Whenever there’s a big event, there’s bound to be news crews. That was no exception when police descended on the accused Claremont Serial Killer’s house on December 22, 2016.

But unlike now, those news crews had no idea just how big that raid would be.

With special guests, veteran 7NEWS cameramen Ray Raab and The West Australian photographer Justin Benson-Cooper joining Natalie Bonjolo and Tim Clarke, they discuss, even when the opposition got a shot of ‘a man’ being taken away by police from his house, they had no idea what they were looking at.

As the day progressed, rumours started to swirl. Rumours turned into questions and then scrambling by news houses across the state.

It was the biggest story WA had ever seen. Did police catch the Claremont Serial Killer? We still won’t find out for another few months as the trial continues.

Reporters, camera operators and photographers had one chance at getting a shot of the man arrested for one of the most infamous crimes in WA history.

As Justin and Ray relive the day they stayed out until 4am to get “that” shot of Bradley Edwards being driven to police lockup after a six-hour interview with police. The preparation, the nerves, the 10 seconds of action.

In this bonus episode, the podcast team talk the massive police operation, the confusion which led to shock and captured the attention of the state.

Join the team again on Thursday as court resumes.

If you have any questions for the podcast team, or any of their guests, send them in to claremontpodcast@wanews.com.au

For more information on WA’s trial of the century, head to TheWest.com.au

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