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City Beach plane crash: Dramatic air traffic control audio captures moment aircraft plunges into ocean

Dramatic air traffic control audio has captured the moment a light plane crashed into the waves at City Beach.

Beach-goers watched in shock as a light aircraft ditched into the sea just after 3.30pm on Saturday.

The pilot and his male passenger — who were enjoying a hobby flight from Jandakot airport — were uninjured in the emergency landing, swimming away from the wreckage without a scratch.


The pilot pulled off the hair-raising landing after experiencing engine trouble mid-flight.

The pilot of a different plane witnessed the entire crash — and relayed the dramatic scenes to air traffic control.

Onlookers watch on after the plane crashed into the ocean.
Camera IconOnlookers watch on after the plane crashed into the ocean. Credit: Daniel Wilkins/The West Australian

“We’ve just had an aircraft declare Mayday at City Beach, looks like they might be landing on the beach … can you just observe that for us?” traffic control told the pilot of a Skydive Australia aircraft

“I can see them there. They’re very low, looks like they’re tracking for the beach,” the pilot responded.

“They’ve just ditched in the water. I saw them ditch in the water probably about 10 metres from the beach.”

Air Traffic Control asked the pilot to “keep an eye” on the evolving situation.

VideoTwo men have survived after crashing a light aircraft off City Beach.

“Foxtrot Mike X-Ray, it looks like there are quite a few people on the beach,” the pilot said.

“They appear to be travelling towards the aircraft now. Looks like at least one of the pilots has gotten out.

“Looks like both, looks like there’s potentially two pilots and they’re both out and the aircraft is in shallow water. It seems to be staying where it is.

“There’s quite a few people now gathered on the beach and, yeah, they’re just wading out to help, it looks like.

City Beach plane crash. Taken to holding yard in welshpool
Camera IconThe plane was taken to a holding yard in Welshpool. Credit: night news/supplied

The 70 year old pilot and his 62 year old passenger were unharmed.

WA Police Inspector Vic Hussey praised the pilot for his “

“He’d flown north across the coast, he just said to me he was looking for a safe spot to land and the safest spot he could work out was the ocean so that’s where he’s landed,” Insp. Hussey said.

““I would say ideally you’d land an aircraft on land but he’s done a great job getting it where it is and getting out of the aircraft.

“They’re all good, a really good day to buy a Lotto ticket.”

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