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Children and hot car warning as summer cranks up

More children and pets have already been rescued from hot cars this year compared to 2019, as the RAC urges parents and guardians to keep their keys on them to prevent accidental lock-outs.

RAC Roadside Assistance patrols rescued 290 children and 165 pets between January and November this year, compared to 264 children and 153 pets between January and December last year.

“Many people are unaware of how easy and common it is to accidentally lock a child or pet in the car, or of how quickly the situation can escalate,” RAC Roadside Assistance patrol’s Ray Farrugia said.

“Most lock-ins occur when a child is given the car keys to play with, or they’re locked in the boot with the groceries. With pets, it’s usually when they step on the lock.”

Mr Farrugia said if this summer followed the same trajectory as last summer, almost 70 children and 33 pets would be rescued from hot cars over the next few months.

“Never give your child the car keys to play with and make sure you don’t close your doors and boot until you’ve got hold of your keys,” he said.

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