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Centre saves time | The West Australian

The Greenbushes Community Resource Centre has marked its 25 anniversary by sealing a time capsule for Greenbushes residents’ future selves to discover.

Organised by coordinator Nicole Ward, the capsule contains letters from the Greenbushes community, addressed to their future selves.

Mrs Ward said it was wonderful to receive letters from the staff and children at Greenbushes Primary School.

“The letters are a great way for them to reflect on what they are currently going through, especially as the world is currently experiencing the coronavirus pandemic,” she said.

“We promised that we would not read their letters and they will be securely stored in our time capsule.”

The capsule has been placed in a bank safe in the CRC — a remanent from when the CRC building was used as a bank — and will be opened in five years on June 15, 2025.

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