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ASIO spied on WA sprint star Shirley de la Hunty

Fresh revelations of a witch-hunt into the suspected communist activities of WA Olympic legend Shirley de la Hunty will underpin a new movie being made in Perth about her remarkable life. The family of Mrs de la Hunty, who died aged 78 in 2004, has acquired National Archives documents that …

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Police pile heat on Perth’s warring bikie gangs

WA Police have turned up the heat on Perth’s warring bikie gangs amid fears innocent people may get caught in the crossfire. A series of raids this week has netted more weapons from members of the Rebels, who are involved in a bitter feud with the Comanchero gang that has …

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Investors’ cash drained for big Bux lifestyles

No matter where they were in the world — London, Las Vegas, New York, Dubai, Manila or Hong Kong — the fortunate few with PINs for Bux Global’s company bank cards regularly unlocked a continuous flow of cash. Using ATMs on an almost daily basis they withdrew pesos, pounds, dirhams, …

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Government’s tax plan is as easy as A,B,C

Malcolm Turnbull’s Plan B has become Scott Morrison’s Plan A. The option of an expedited rollout of the small and medium-size business tax cuts was sitting in Turnbull’s bottom drawer when he was turfed from office. It had run the gauntlet of the Government’s expenditure review committee. It had been …

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Absurd adventures in archiving | The West Australian

VISUAL ARTS World Showcase Adventure Cool Change Contemporary (until October 21) 3.5 stars REVIEW WILLIAM YEOMAN Files, dividers, cardboard boxes filled with pieces of cardboard on which have been pasted digital prints of pictures pulled from the internet — products, celebrities, places, anonymous people, text. A nearby wall montage of …

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