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Busy New Year’s Eve for WA police

New Year’s Eve arrests have jumped in Western Australia with police concerned at a rise in the number of residential disturbances.

Acting Commander Tony Flack says 101 arrests were made across WA compared to just 61 the previous year.

He said while most people had acted responsibly, alcohol-related issues continued to be a problem.

“We continue to be plagued by young adults whose whole social being is around alcohol and the violence that goes with alcohol,” he said.

“So what we did see this year was a large increase in the number of disturbances, mainly on residential properties.

“Of course large groups of young people combined with alcohol leads to a police response.”

Commander Flack said police attended 88 more disturbances this year, an indication more people had partied at home.

He said the number of people attending licensed venues was significantly down and there were no major issues.

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