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Brush up on recycling | The West Australian

Did you know nearly every plastic toothbrush you have ever used is laying in landfill or waste streams?

Plastics will break down into micro-pieces but will never truly decompose. Not so fun fact: 30 million toothbrushes are thrown out in Australia every year. With an average toothbrush weighing in at 20g, that’s equivalent to 600,000kg of plastics.

You can now recycle your oral-care products at Revive through two of our Terracycle programs.

The Zero Waste Oral Care boxes will accept any brand of:


Electric toothbrush heads only.

Toothpaste tubes and caps.

Floss containers.

Additionally, Colgate Electric Toothbrush recycling will accept any brand of electric toothbrush handles and electric toothbrush charging bases.

This program will not accept the heads of the electric toothbrushes but they can still be recycled through the Zero Waste Oral Care program.

Please ensure your toothbrushes don’t have any charge left in them and do not remove the battery component, this is essential for shipping purposes.

Many toothbrushes are now biodegradable, being made from bamboo or wood materials.

For more information visit websites such as gogreenathome.com.au.

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