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Broncos get Josephed in putrid loss to Dolphins. Want Vance gone? Don’t attend home video games.

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — This is the saddest Broncos team in their 47-year NFL history. But know what’s even sadder?

Vance Joseph will be the last to know what a stinky mess he has made for the next head coach of this franchise to clean up.

The Denver Softies went to the beach. And they got sand kicked in their faces by our old friend Adam Gase, who tried to run up the 35-9 final score with an onside kick. How does a Denver roster less than two seasons removed from a Super Bowl championship get embarrassed by the Dolphins, which had lost five straight games? Well, we now have a word for it.

Denver got Josephed.

Two safeties allowed in a single game? The Broncos can oblige, no problem. Surrendering a blocked punt? That’s become a Denver specialty, and special-teams coordinator Brock Olivo should have been required to hitchhike back to Colorado. An overall strategy that’s less coherent than doodles on a cocktail napkin? Hey, it’s what Joseph does best.

So I asked Joseph this point-blank question: Do the Broncos lack the talent to win at the NFL level, or have Denver players not responded to his coaching?

“That’s a good question … I can’t speak to our talent. That’s an offseason question. We can’t fix that now,” said Joseph, avoiding an examination of his own failures.

So should we push the blame to players losing one-on-one battles between the lines of a football field?

“Absolutely not,” Denver linebacker Brandon Marshall insisted. “We definitely have talent on the team. You look at the Denver Broncos on paper, I think you would say at every position they have guys. It’s not like we’re lacking in the receiving corps, DBs or at linebacker …”

Then it brings us a full 360 degrees, in a vicious circle, back to the inevitable conclusion that this mess must be the result of lousy coaching by Joseph.

How to stop this eight-game losing streak? Beats him. Ask Joseph how his team got penalized for delay of game prior to a kickoff against the Dolphins, and he’s oblivious to the fact it even happened. And maybe this is the saddest thing of all: Lose in the same embarrassing fashion on his home field against the New York Jets next Sunday and the wrath of Broncos Country will be beyond Joseph’s wildest imagination.

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