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Breaking down home security | The West Australian

Keeping your home secure and protected is certainly recommended, but the jury is out on whether it will increase its appraisal value.

Stirling & Roe Real Estate Principal Jennifer Jones said it was important to add security for the right reasons.

“Security features can provide peace of mind for the homeowner or occupier and may contribute to the appeal of the property, but they don’t necessarily add value to the home,” she said.

“Extensive and overt security systems can actually be viewed as a negative, as they may give the impression of significant security issues in the area.”

Robust security can also reduce your insurance premiums, according to Ms Jones, adding that some features are more sought-after than others.

“I have found buyers appreciate the value of lock-up garages and security doors and screens,” she said.

“Roller shutters are appealing to fly-in, fly-out and shift workers, as they serve a second function in darkening rooms.

“From a lock-up-and-leave perspective, shutters can advertise the fact that the home is unoccupied for a long period of time, and these buyers prefer a monitored alarm system with or without cameras.”

Ms Jones said young families and FIFO workers in particular valued the peace of mind offered by security doors and screens.

“They are also more inclined to utilise camera technology. Seniors also appreciate security doors, screens and alarm systems,” she said.

From economical cameras to whole-of-home automated systems, security features differ greatly in price, but even entry-level options are preferable to none at all, according to Ms Jones.

“If your budget is very limited, a DIY camera system does provide a level of deterrence to would-be thieves and intruders,” she said.

“If you can afford security doors and screens, this physical barrier is well worth considering.”

Emerging, high-tech features like keyless entry are becoming more common, but Ms Jones said she had yet to see any significant increase in demand for it.

Regardless of the security system employed, she emphasised the effectiveness is wholly reliant on whether it was utilised and recommended homeowners stay diligent.

“That is – lock your screen doors, make sure your cameras are recording and arm your alarm when you leave,” she said.

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