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Bluey’s great and all, but have you seen NITV’s fab kid’s cartoon, Little J and Big Cuz?

Bluey has been getting a lot of attention both here and overseas recently. And rightly so — it’s excellent. But there’s another Australian cartoon series that’s just as great, but it’s been flying decidedly further under the radar.

I’m talking about the Logie award-winning Little J and Big Cuz. This sweet Aussie-made cartoon about two cousins living in a remote Aboriginal community is returning for its third season this Friday — and it’s an absolute delight.

It first premiered on NITV in 2017, but has been reaching a lot more little eyes lately, thanks to ABC Kids, which also now airs it.

This is where I first discovered the show, courtesy of my then four year-old. He’d recently figured out how to operate our Apple TV remote (how DO they manage it at such a young age? I’m still struggling!) and had decided he wanted to watch the show on repeat via iView.

I sat down to watch with him … and was instantly captivated.

Deborah Mailman and Miranda Tapsell, who revealed her pregnancy via a beautiful shoot last week with the Australian Women’s Weekly, play the titular cousins. And while I’m not usually a fan of adults voicing kids’ parts in children’s cartoons, there’s something about their voices, and the cadence of their speech, that make you completely forget they’re not both primary-aged kids.

Little J and Big Cuz draws on stories from First Nations writers all over Australia. It shows Indigenous kids navigating their lives, going to school, learning and exploring the stories and culture of country — and just being normal, everyday knock-about kids, which is why my son loved it so much.

It makes me so happy to think there are little people in remote parts of the country who are seeing their lives reflected back at them on TV. The show is translated into several Indigenous languages, including Ngukurr Kriol, Kunwinjku and palawa kani, making it even more accessible.

This season sees the very excellent, multi award winning actor, Ursula Yovich step into the role of Nanna. She replaces WA-born Ningali Lawford-Wolf, who passed away in 2019.

Lawford-Wolf’s family have been supportive of Yovich taking on the role, saying in a statement: “Her career was a big part of who she was, and she would have wanted to continue to share her work.”

This show has so much heart and is totally and completely life-affirming. If you’re feeling world-weary, take a moment to hang with Big Cuz, Little J, Nana and Old Dog (Aaron Fa’Aoso) — we guarantee you’ll feel so much better about the world.

Little J and Big Cuz season three starts on Friday 17 December at 7.30pm on NITV.

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