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Bizarre Yokine road rage attack caught on camera


Extraordinary footage has emerged of a bizarre road rage fight in Yokine on Saturday afternoon, with two combatants slugging it out before receiving a serious talking to by a female onlooker.

The video, taken by the less-than-amused onlooker and posted to the WA ROAD Alerts Facebook page, opens with the two men mid-debate about fault over what seems a minor prang.

“Road rage at its finest hour,” the post reads.

“These two decided it was the best to have a Mike Tyson fight along Flinders St near Swan St.”

The debate between the men becomes increasingly heated until a third man tries unsuccessfully to intervene.

It becomes clear the two had exchanged more than words prior to filming.

“You’re an old c…. You’re lucky I didn’t break your jaw,” says the driver in a grey shirt to his blue-shirted adversary.

“Now get in there and drive yourself to the f…… hospital.

“You want to go again?!”

A scuffle breaks out and the two blokes — clad in shorts and pluggers — exchange blows.

The astonished witness continues filming as the pair wrestle and punch their way in front of her car, beeping loudly as they pass in an attempt to break it up.

The man in grey is then pushed to the ground while the second man appears to continue to attack until the third man again attempts to stop the fight.

The fallen man stands and gestures his apologies to the female onlooker as he retrieves a flip-flop displaced in the heat of the moment.

It appears the crisis point has passed but sure enough the pair again resume their exchange of blame-laying and potty-mouthed insults.

“You want to go again?!”

You’re both too f…… old for this.

At this point witnesses have lost patience with the men and the female driver gives them a piece of her mind.

“You’re both too f…… old for this,” she yells out her window.

“Get back in your car, get around the corner and change number plates and s….”

The surprised pair look at frustrated woman.

“He got me!” the man in grey pleads.

“I don’t care,” she says.

The talking to appears to work and the man in grey reveals his age to be 70 before both finally get back into their respective cars and drive off.

Fortunately, neither man involved appeared to suffer any serious injury in the fight.

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