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Beyond the Saleyards: New season lamb bookings open in WA

Sheep prices throughout South Australia and Victoria have come back 40¢/kg carcass weight, but rallied 20¢/kg in New South Wales, with a wet few months delaying spring lamb growth.

In the west, we are starting to see some bookings open up for new season lambs.

Certain categories of wool were at higher risk of falls this week, with higher quality product — used for more luxury items — experiencing the impact inflation is having on luxury goods in general.

Luckily for the wool market, the Australian currency remains under pressure, which is helping the inflation-induced price declines of wool.

Cattle prices were also influenced by the rain across NSW, which reduced the number of cattle offered at the yards this week and increased prices.

Direct prices remain relatively steady.

While foot-and-mouth disease news has quietened, the agricultural industry continues to prepare for the potential risk of the disease entering Australia.

The WA Lot Feeders Association met last Friday to continue working through plans for prevention, attracting a large turnout of cattle industry participants.

Processor and feedlot market bids at the start of the week (¢/kg or $/head):

● WA market indices: Weaner steers 592¢, weaner heifers 540¢, yearling steers 524¢, yearling heifers 478¢.

● SA market indices: Yearling steers: 548¢, yearling heifers: 540¢.

● East coast processor prices: MSA: steers 770¢, heifers 765¢. Cows 660¢. Jap Ox: steers 740¢, Bulls 545¢.

● Queensland feedlots: Black Angus: 565¢, Black Angus British X: 545¢, Wagyu X Angus: POA.

To contact buyers and for more price information please login to the Agora Livestock Markets app or online at www.agoralivestock.com.au.

Rob Kelly is the founder and managing director of Agora Livestock, a free service with the latest sheep, cattle and goat price grids in one easy-to-use app.

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