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Bertram man Sitaela Nziramasanga pleads guilty to assaulting partner

A Bertram man has avoided jail after pleading guilty to assaulting his partner at their family home last year.

Sitaela Nziramasanga, 28, appeared before Rockingham Magistrates Court last Wednesday accused of aggravated assault and threats to endanger life.

Sergeant Naomi Foster told the court that on May 22, 2021, Nziramasanga and the victim had been invited over to a friend’s house for drinks, where the pair then stayed overnight.

The following day the couple returned to their home in Bertram with their 17-month-old baby girl, where it is alleged that Nziramasanga continued to consume alcohol between 1pm and 5pm in the afternoon.

The victim was then reportedly sitting in the living room with their baby when Nziramasanga became extremely aggravated, walking over to the kitchen to retrieve a knife.

Upon returning, he stabbed the knife into the table and threatened her by saying “if you call the police, I will chop you into pieces”.

The victim attempted to avoid further confrontation and went to the main bedroom, where she could run a bath for the baby.

Nziramasanga soon followed, sitting on the edge of the bath and demanding that the victim return the necklace and bracelet that he had purchased for her.

She gave him the necklace and threw the bracelet into the hallway, after which Nziramasanga slapped her in the face.

Magistrate Matthew Walton said the facts spoke for themselves and Nziramasanga’s actions were “inherently offensive” and “extremely frightening”.

Nziramasanga has since completed a family violence program and Mr Walton said he was satisfied that “he is unlikely to commit offences of this nature again.”

Nziramasanga will have to complete a nine-month community-based order.

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