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Basil Zempilas: Yes Perth is remoted, but we wear it as a badge of honour

Basil ZempilasThe West Australian

VideoPaul Papalia says Perth is now the easiest Australian capital city to fly to from Europe.
  1. Tourism Minister Paul Papalia wants to chop the “most isolated capital city” tag for Perth but he needs to remember most of us say it with a significant sense of pride. We wear our isolation like a badge of honour, not an inferiority complex. It’s how we derive our individuality, our unique charm, our sense of accomplishment. Perhaps a better focus for Papalia would be lowering the cost of intrastate airfares.
  2. But hats off to the minister if he’s the man behind the touchdown of Thor and Jason Bourne in the west this week. That is some blockbuster A-list marketing clout. Interesting we’re not too isolated for the Hemsworth and Damon families. A case of the Talented Mr Papalia perhaps?
  3. $75 million to save the WACA. I’m not sure we can hang on to every ageing facility in our State. It doesn’t seem to make much financial sense for cricket at the WACA and football at Subiaco to both have their own boutique facility. Surely we pick one venue and both sports go there.
  4. Does anyone have a secret code to stop LinkedIn requests filling your inbox? Good money paid.
  5. Is there a valid reason why the Mandurah train line stopped short of the Mandurah foreshore? Why go to the trouble of building it and then stop a kilometre from the main strip?
  6. How do you define leadership? Give this a try. It’s throwing your car keys to a family in need to rush their son, who just stepped on a stingray, to hospital. It’s putting you and your needs behind those of others. It’s doing it spontaneously and instinctively. And it’s doing it out of the glare of the public. Bravo Premier. That’s leadership.
  7. I refuse to believe Apple can invent a phone that does all the things it does, but not a battery that lasts 10 hours. They’re having a lend.
  8. It’s 2019. Please tell me women aren’t still being discriminated against at WA golf clubs.
  9. Perth’s Sonshine FM and other radio stations around the country have stopped playing Michael Jackson songs. Is the evidence in the Leaving Neverland TV program any different to that presented to a jury which found Jackson not guilty?
  10. Good luck to the Perth Wildcats tonight. Despite official results, Trevor Gleeson is my coach of the year and Bryce Cotton the league’s best player. And the real MVP? Owner Jack Bendat for continually putting his money where his mouth is. He’s one hungry Jack. Go Cats!

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