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Barbed wire fence scaled to steal containers for change

Hundreds of dollars worth of drinking cans collected for local community groups have been stolen overnight, thwarting their fundraising efforts.

The Geraldton Amateur Basketball Association was one of the theft victims, with their collection to be sold through Containers for Change stolen overnight from behind an 8ft barbed wire fence at Activewest Stadium.

Under WA’s new container deposit scheme, aluminium cans can be exchanged for 10c each.

Geraldton Amateur Basketball Association president Peter Brown said while it was a relatively small value that had been stolen, it meant a lot to the people it would have benefited.

Bags of cans being collected to support Midwest Charity Begins At Home were also stolen last night from near the entrance to the Mitchell and Brown Retravision store car park, which wasn’t secured.

Read the rest of this story in the next edition of the Geraldton Guardian, out Friday.

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