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Baltimore teacher punched in classroom attack | Video

A TEACHER and cancer survivor has been brutally attacked by a male student in a US classroom.

The violent incident was recorded on camera, and shared on Instagram on Wednesday.

It immediately went viral, and has been seen more than 80,000 times in less than two days.

In the clip, an agitated male student can be seen being held back by a female student while he verbally attacks the unnamed teacher and swears at her.

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The woman has her back to the student and remains calm. In the footage, she can be heard insisting she isn’t from the area.

But the teenager violently shoves the female student out of the way before punching the teacher in the face and storming out the door.

The teacher clutches her face and recoils before following the boy outside.

The incident occurred at Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore in the US, a city infamous for violence and crime.

Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS) spokeswoman Edie House Foster said in a statement that the student struck the teacher following a “verbal exchange”, the Associated Press reported.

Ms House Foster said administrators were investigating the attack and disciplinary action would be taken, according to the school system’s code of conduct.

“School administrators at Frederick Douglass High School continue to investigate a physical altercation that took place today when a teacher was struck by a student following a verbal exchange,” BCPS said in a statement obtained by Fox Baltimore.

”Ensuring a safe teaching and learning environment for our students and staff is paramount to City Schools.

media_cameraThe teacher recoils before following the boy out the door. Picture: YouTube

“Upon reviewing the incident, school administrators will apply disciplinary action in accordance with Baltimore City Public Schools’ Code of Conduct.”

Instagram users were filled with outrage after viewing the clip.

“I was a teacher for almost 10 years in Brooklyn. If that happened to me I would make it a major problem. How dare you disrespect the institution, the instructor and yourself in such a manor? The student needs to be expelled and sent to a detention centre or I would sue,” one Instagram user posted, while another added: “Kids and parents have all the power. Nobody will want to be a teacher soon because of crap like this. This happens more often than you think.”

The original poster who shared the video on Instagram also claimed the teacher was back at work for the first time since undergoing treatment for cancer — and also claimed the student wasn’t suspended after the assault.


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