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Baldivis shopping centre sinkhole possibly caused by storm water system failure

A storm water system failure is thought to be the cause of a 20m sinkhole that turned a Baldivis shopping centre into a tourist attraction.

Extra security has been hired to guard the area but some shoppers are taking extra precautions and staying well clear.

“We’ve parked all the way over near Nandos just in case,” Baldivis resident Kiara Castle said.

“It’s strange that this area is so new, all this area has only been built up over the last couple of years and already we’ve got sinkholes,” fellow resident Jason Steward said.

While some retailers said the sinkhole had become a bit of a tourist attraction, enticing people into the shopping centre, others were worried what it could mean for business.

There is no word when it will be fixed but guards will be patrolling 24 hours a day until it is.

“I spoke to the State manager of the company at Stocklands yesterday, and at that point the company believes there’s been a massive failure of the storm water detention system, which is built under the carpark,” Member for Baldivis Reece Whitby said.

Mr Whitby was assured the danger was isolated to the one spot.

The shopping precinct underwent a $116m redevelopment and expansion in 2015, and some locals have speculated it’s formed because the centre is built on swamp land.

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