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Ghost DNA Hints at Africa’s Missing Ancient Humans

Scientists reported on Wednesday that they had discovered evidence of an extinct branch of humans whose ancestors split from our own a million years ago. The evidence of these humans was not a fossil. Instead, the researchers found pieces of their DNA in the genomes of living people from West …

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Behind the Wheel, Behind the Eight Ball

Jackie Heinricher, a professional racecar driver and a biotech executive, set out a few years ago to create an all-star team of female drivers. She knew it would take millions of dollars to run a team properly, but she said she felt confident that companies owned by women, or run …

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What Do You Wear to the End of Days?

LONDON — In 1139 Archbishop Malachy of Armagh supposedly had a vision of the future that became known as the “prophesy of popes.” In it, the Irish saint predicted the names of 112 pontiffs who would rule until the end of days. Though it was later shown to be a …

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In England, Closing a Chapter of Modern Dance

So what happened? Since its beginnings, the Richard Alston Dance Company, which is based at a London contemporary-dance center called the Place, has been supported by Arts Council England, which funnels public money into the arts. In recent years 62 percent of Richard Alston’s budget has come from this public …

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