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Opinion | Trump’s Stalinist Approach to Science

Lately I’ve found myself thinking about Trofim Lysenko. Who? Lysenko was a Soviet agronomist who decided that modern genetics was all wrong, indeed contrary to Marxist-Leninist principles. He even denied that genes existed, while insisting that long-discredited views about evolution were actually right. Real scientists marveled at his ignorance. But …

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Opinion | How Faith Shapes My Politics

These realizations transformed my spiritual life: awareness of God’s love, participation in grace, awareness that each person is made in God’s image. Faith offered an image of a way of being, an ultimate allegiance. But when it came to forming opinions or writing columns, I was still in the same …

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Opinion | Free the Apps!

Apple’s central argument that it faces competitive pressure from Android loses much of its weight when you consider the cost and hassle of switching mobile operating systems — photos, passwords, text messages and video game high scores can all be lost with a new device. Consumers switching to Google will …

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Opinion | Breonna Taylor and Perpetual Black Trauma

I filed this column late. Very late. I couldn’t find the words — an unsettling experience for a writer. The words I did conjure failed, not because the message was difficult to convey, but rather because the conveyance is maddeningly depressive in repetition. The killing of Breonna Taylor reveals yet …

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