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Inside the Debt Ceiling Negotiations on Capitol Hill

On Capitol Hill, the delicate talks to avert default on the government’s debts this week took place over middle-of-the-night video calls, marathon meetings in an opulent conference room, and at least one early morning bike ride. At the White House, evening tour groups were diverted from the West Wing because …

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Ron DeSantis and the ‘Scaffle’ Vote

If Ronald Reagan were to come back to life, he would probably be confused by the leftist tone that the early 2024 Republican presidential campaign has sometimes taken. After Ron DeSantis announced he was holding a fund-raiser last night at the Four Seasons hotel, an official close to Donald Trump …

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It’s the 140th Birthday of the Brooklyn Bridge

Good morning. It’s Wednesday. We’ll say happy birthday to the Brooklyn Bridge with someone who says it was, and is, a symbol of progress and optimism. Something I read the other day said that in the 1880s, New York was inching toward its new role as a world-class city. The …

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Opinion | Ron DeSantis’s Presidential Campaign Is Not Dead Yet

None of that is easy, but with significant backing from Republican donors, it’s doable. More fundamentally, a presidential candidate needs a personal narrative that dovetails with his political message in a way that candidates for lesser offices simply don’t. Without one, they rarely succeed. Barack Obama was a groundbreaking African …

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