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The Day Frankie Flew Away

Her flying skills had been dampened by life in an apartment: She was used to short flights with clear, level destinations. Anything too long, like hovering in front of a closed door, would wear her out quickly. For some reason I was certain she headed to the Queensboro Bridge. I …

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Opinion | To Survive Disaster, Plan for the Worst

“We’ve learned in other areas of development to be more sophisticated in our use of financial instruments,” Dr. Dercon said. “Somehow in the humanitarian space we just never embraced this. The humanitarian sector has lots of really good people, but it’s built around the emotion of helping people in need.” …

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Opinion | Twitter Is Real Life

There’s also something ineffable about Twitter’s influence, especially as it pertains to politics, around movement building and fandoms. Honest, sustained social media momentum behind candidates does seem to translate into something, even if it’s not clear how much to trust it. Take Andrew Yang. Though his campaign sputtered out last …

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The Brand That Won’t Stop Trying to Be Cool

The Instagram posts began surfacing on a Thursday in November. The actress Lupita Nyong’o wore a knitted red and black midi-dress with a high neck and cap sleeves. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a full-length dress in black silk, with a plunging keyhole neckline and billowing sleeves slit down the sides. …

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In 6 Minutes, You Can Be Done With Your Workout

This is Asmeret. She’s going to do today’s workout with you. There are four simple exercises. Jumping jacks, standing lunges, kneeling push-ups and plank. You’ll repeat them twice, giving you a total body workout. Each exercise is 30 seconds long. Do them at your own pace. You’ll rest for 15 …

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