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Author reveals shocking child sex abuse doll trade secrets


The illegal trade of sex dolls and robots modelled on the bodies of women and young girls for men’s sexual use has long been criticised as exploitative and dangerous.

But activist and author Caitlin Roper has uncovered the extent of the sinister undertones of these objects — and her findings are nothing short of shocking.

Ms Roper has written a book titled Sex Dolls, Robots and Woman Hating: The Case for Resistance in which she takes a deep dive into the underworld.

While such dolls and robots were marketed as companions for men to have their “perfect girlfriend” that could be stored away after use — and advocates claim they have many benefits for some men — Ms Roper said her research showed otherwise.

This child-like doll is marketed online as a "love doll".
Camera IconThis childlike, sleeping doll is marketed online as a “love doll”. Credit: Supplied


Ms Roper told NCA NewsWire some sex dolls were modelled on the bodies of children, toddlers and even babies.

“Essentially, they are replica girls for paedophiles to enact their fantasies of raping and sexually abusing a little girl,” she said.

“In promotional material, their childlike nature is emphasised – their hair is often styled in pigtails, they are dressed in little girls’ clothing and photographed with toys.

“Some toddler dolls are advertised with dummies in their mouths. Their flat chests are pitched as a selling point.

“The dolls are described as ‘petite’, ‘innocent’ and ‘cute’, but also, portrayed as enjoying and inviting sexual use by men.”

Ms Roper said child sex abuse dolls came with different facial expressions based on what the buyer wanted.

“The buyer might want the doll to look happy, to aid in the fantasy it is a child that is enjoying sexual abuse, or he might want the doll to appear distressed,” she said.

“Some of the marketing for these products appears to deliberately appeal to paedophile fantasies of child abuse scenarios.

“This includes dolls photographed and advertised in defensive poses, with hands positioned protectively in front of its face, dolls that appear to be sad, crying or have red eyes, or even dolls with closed eyes as though they are sleeping or unconscious.”

Some dolls show girls in distress.
Camera IconSome dolls show girls in distress and half dressed. Credit: Supplied


Buyers can also select the body type, breast size, skin tone, hair colour and other features to create their own unique doll.

But Ms Roper said some child sex abuse doll sellers invited buyers to send a photo of the girl they wanted their doll to look like.

“Essentially, this means a buyer can send a photo of an actual child and a doll will be created in her likeness,” she said.

During her research, Ms Roper documented discussions on paedophile forums where men expressed their desire for sex dolls or robots modelled on specific girls whose pictures had been posted on social media.

“Dolls made in the likeness of actual girls, based on photos shared on social media, have already been sold on major online platforms like Amazon and Etsy,” she said.

“In theory, there’s nothing to stop anyone taking a photo of a child in a public place, or saving a photo publicly shared to social media, and commissioning a sex doll in their likeness.”

There is no mistaking dolls like this are children.
Camera IconThere is no mistaking dolls like this are children. Credit: Supplied


Ms Roper said some doll owners even created their own virtual child sex abuse material, uploading videos of themselves using their dolls.

“One popular video featured a man having sex with a child sex abuse doll modelled on an infant,” she said.

Other forum members then made requests for him to perform specific sex acts on the doll.

“Since documenting this, this particular forum has become password protected, with access limited to those who have purchased a child sex abuse doll or who actively upload virtual child sex abuse material,” she said.

Some dolls are positioned to look like they are being defensive.
Camera IconSome dolls are positioned to look like they are being defensive. Credit: Supplied


Ms Roper said some manufacturers gave buyers advice on how to avoid getting caught or going through customs.

Under Australia’s laws, childlike sex dolls are deemed a form of child abuse material.

An individual caught attempting to import child abuse material can be charged with importing tier two goods.

The maximum penalty, if convicted, is up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $555,000.

Using a carriage service to access child pornography material is an offence that carries a maximum penalty of 15 years behind bars.

Sex Dolls, Robots and Woman Hating: The Case for Resistance is published by Spinifex Press and will be officially launched later this month.

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