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Armed meth dealer Abraham Tsehaye Beyene jailed for seven years

A Sudanese refugee who was caught with a kilogram of methamphetamine in his car, granted bail and then prompted a tactical response group takedown when he had a loaded gun has been jailed for more than seven years.

Abraham Tsehaye Beyene, 34, had a long and serious criminal past when police stopped him in East Perth in January 2016 and found a vacuum-sealed package of high-purity ice hidden behind a speaker in his car.

Somehow, the convicted armed robber was granted bail.

And just months later, police, wearing body armour and helmets and carrying sub-machine guns and shields, were back in pursuit of Beyene.

The District Court was told yesterday how the father of two tried to outrun police in his car, crashed into a wall and was then arrested at gunpoint.

Police at the time confirmed they had used non-lethal bean bag rounds to subdue Beyene.

Inside a bag inside the car police found a loaded revolver and 10 grams of meth. Beyene was so heavily addicted at the time, the court was told, the prosecutors agreed this $2000 stash was for his own use.

But the two ounces of ecstasy they found when they searched Beyene’s home was going to be sold.

“He’s absolutely not a user-dealer … He uses methylamphetamine and he is involved at the commercial end of dealing in drugs,” Judge Hylton Quail said.

Beyene’s lawyer Helen Prince said his background — in which he witnessed torture in his homeland as a small child — led to mental health issues and drug abuse.

“With the drug usage he got ‘inculturated’ and entrenched in a criminal subculture … he then spent most of his life after that until now really entrenched in this cycle of criminal offending, being arrested,” Ms Prince said.

Judge Quail found that Beyene was “a trusted and willing participant in a commercial drug enterprise”.

He jailed him for seven years and eight months, with eligibility for parole.

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