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Arizona Rep. Trent Franks offered $5 million to aide to bear his little one, will resign immediately – The Denver Post

WASHINGTON – Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., offered a female staff member $5 million if she would bear his child, said a woman who helped bring the matter to the attention of House leaders, prompting Franks’ immediate resignation Friday.

Andrea Lafferty said she encouraged the Franks aide, who had left his office after the alleged conduct, to bring the story to the attention of the House Republican leadership and was present when the aide was interviewed last week by House lawyers.

“He offered her $5 million if she would conceive a child, that’s what she told,” said Lafferty, who is executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition, an advocacy group that promotes social conservative views shared by Franks.

Franks indicated that he had drawn up a written contract for the woman to sign, Lafferty said: “She didn’t want any part of it, and she rejected that.”

Lafferty declined to put a Washington Post reporter in touch with the former aide Friday. The woman spoke earlier in the day to the Associated Press, telling the news agency that she “was asked a few times to look over a ‘contract’ to carry his child, and if I would conceive his child, I would be given $5 million.”

On Thursday, the House Ethics Committee said it would create a special subcommittee to investigate Franks for conduct “that constitutes sexual harassment and/or retaliation for opposing sexual harassment.”

After that announcement Thursday, Franks said he would resign at the end of January. But on Friday, he said he would immediately step down, citing his wife’s hospitalization Thursday “due to an ongoing ailment.”

“After discussing options with my family, we came to the conclusion that the best thing for our family now would be for me to tender my previous resignation effective today, December 8th, 2017,” he said in a statement.

The Ethics Committe investigation came after House officials learned that Franks had asked two female employees to bear his child as a surrogate. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., was briefed on the allegations last week following a short investigation and asked Franks to resign the following day, the speaker’s office said.

Lafferty said the woman was not aware of the official channels to register a complaint with House authorities and said she encouraged her to approach House leadership when she was ready to come forward with her account.

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