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Are Christian conservatives hypocrites for supporting Donald Trump? (7 letters)

Jeff Hunt is director of the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University. Denver Post editorial page editor Chuck Plunkett recently interviewed Hunt about his and other evangelical Christians' support for President Donald Trump.

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Jeff Hunt is director of the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University. Denver Post editorial page editor Chuck Plunkett recently interviewed Hunt about his and other evangelical Christians’ support for President Donald Trump.

Re: “Donald Trump’s true believers,” Jan. 19 Chuck Plunkett column.

Chuck Plunkett’s opinion piece on Donald Trump’s true believers really hit home on the hypocrisy of conservative Christians. It’s clear that Jeff Hunt’s disdain for identity politics only applies to those with an identity outside his belief system. Once again, a religious movement interprets, or misinterprets, the teachings of Jesus Christ to support their beliefs.

Vice President Mike Pence, in another article, urged the president of Egypt to support religious diversity in his country. I am assuming that he meant being more accepting of Christians in a predominantly Muslim society. I guess that’s different than being more accepting of Muslims in a predominantly Christian society.

Hunt listed one of the actions that benefited Christians as the elimination of requirements for employer-paid contraception. How can you be both against abortion and against birth control? It just doesn’t make sense.

Michael Lupoomech, Lakewood

Kudos to Chuck Plunkett for taking on the religious right and its sadly mistaken belief that Donald Trump is their champion. As with any human institution or endeavor, a devoutly embraced religion can become an albatross when it is thought to be the only true faith, and its practitioners keep their blinders on. History is full of catastrophes wrought by those who believed in the supremacy of their God and their values. You’d think we’d have learned that by now. As Plunkett points out, Trump’s “Christianity” is a mask designed to woo voters and, above all, assuage his fragile ego. His presidency is a farce, and our waning standing as a world leader should alarm us all.

Anne Culver, Denver

Chuck Plunkett attempts to pull off a second-rate Saul Alinsky impersonation in his column. The fourth rule from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” Plunkett turns Jeff Hunt into a straw man to denigrate evangelicals who chose Donald Trump. Turnabout is fair play: Ask the Trump haters how their bitter, vicious hatred of him and their desires for harm, disease and death for him can be reconciled with the left’s tendency to always tell others how much more caring they are than their opponents. This hateful rhetoric would not be tolerated if directed at a Democratic president.

Our presidential election produced a result that was as much a resounding statement about the loser as about the victor. Plunkett’s lame attempt at virtue signaling by calling out Christian Trump voters as Judases should earn the contempt it deserves.

Michael Fisher, Centennial

The Christian religious right’s full embrace of partisan politics over their nominal calling to practice the teachings of the Holy Bible has resulted in their forfeiture of any moral authority they might still claim. Their “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” support for Donald Trump betrays the very principles upon which their proclaimed “faith” is based, and makes them a party to all the devastating effects visited upon the weak and powerless their teachings say to protect.

My 83-year-old sister, a lifelong devout Southern Baptist and Republican, has become so disenchanted with the GOP and her church’s support for Trump in the face of all his lies and moral and ethical failings that she changed her registration to become a member of the Democratic Party in deep red Georgia.

I just wish there were more like her who have a conscience and courage to practice what they preach.

Harry Doby, Denver

As a theologically conservative and politically liberal white Christian male (yes, we do exist), I share Chuck Plunkett’s well-stated concerns and disappointments. Many in the white evangelical Christian community seem to have totally embraced the concept of top-down politically imposed morality rather than pursuing the much harder work of changing our culture from the grass roots through observing the Sermon on the Mount, the Golden Rule, care for the widow, orphan and alien, etc.

Some feel we should loyally follow a thrice-married 21st century robber baron who appears to be so filled with anger and pride that he couldn’t recognize the truth if it was handed to him on tablets of stone. Oh well, such are the perils of mixing religion with political power. History has shown time and time again that this is indeed a toxic brew. It just makes me so sad and disappointed to see the teachings of Christ being abused and misused for short-term political gain.

Joe Lothringer, Centennial

Chuck Plunkett hit a new low with his takedown of Jeff Hunt last Sunday, attacking him at the core of his being — his values and integrity — while pretending to be a friendly interviewer.

The last time I voted for a Democrat was for Jimmy Carter, a good man. He turned out to be the second-worst president ever. His results: high inflation, high interest rates, terrible unemployment, hostages in Iran, long gas lines, etc.

Donald Trump is not a good man — he can be rude and crude. But his results: protecting our religious freedoms, a soaring economy with rising consumer confidence, low unemployment, soaring stock market, etc. He is also great in the international scene: stopping payments to governments that hate us and use the money for weapons, trying to stave off North Korea and Iran, stopping the continual “dissing” of Israel in the U.N., etc.

God can use imperfect people. (See Darius releasing the Hebrews from slavery.)

Barbara Backlin, Highlands Ranch

Chuck Plunkett’s column on Trump believers closes with him still puzzled as to what the deal is. It’s simple: American evangelicals are all over “rendering unto Caesar” and have decided they want to be Caesar.

Jack Woehr, Golden

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