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Anna and Ari’s slice of heaven

It was during her final years of study that Anna Skora decided to pursue her long-held goal of homeownership.

After paying off her university debt and earnestly saving, Ms Skora was in a position to begin her own building journey.

Moving into her home in May this year, with her beloved pooch Ari, Ms Skora recently spoke to New Homes about her experience.

What made you decide to build your first home?

I read The Barefoot Investor and got hooked on saving and paying off all my debts and other loans.

By 2020, I was in a secure position to buy my own home and looked at a few options on the market.

I found there was nothing really that I fell in love with, so I decided to build and the rest is history.

Describe some requirements of your new home?

I really wanted to have a spacious kitchen and a big pantry.

I’ve always loved the idea of an island bench and I wanted raised ceilings in the living area to make the space feel more open.

I wanted something light and bright to make the living spaces look bigger and modern.

Priority for my build was to have a big backyard so that I can bring all the people I love together to just enjoy and relax and, of course, lots of room for Ari.

I also wanted a decent patio area with room for a large table to accommodate friends and family.

What does life in your new home look like?

I am so proud of what I’ve created. My home is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom layout within the Brabham Estate.

Having this space has been a dream for a very long time, and I’m excited and so happy to be here.

The thing I most enjoy about this home is coming back to it after a day of work or a really stressful day and cooking myself a nice dinner in my big kitchen and then going out the back and just enjoying the space with Ari.

Your advice to others looking to build?

Patience is key.

One thing that smacked me in the face when I built was the length of time it took.

I was lucky with Easystart Homes, as they pushed things along quicker than any other builder I’ve come across.

It is really important to take your time. I’ve seen too many people rush into a contract for land with a builder and not take the time to consider if their choices are right.

So many people say they have regretted making the rash decisions just to get the process going quicker.

I secured my land and took four months to search amongst builders and plans; I just wanted it to be right.

Why did you select Easystart Homes?

The friendly team understood what I was looking for in a home. They made the process really simple. I knew exactly what I wanted and going through the selections with the consultant was such an easy process.

CONTACT Easystart Homes, 6555 7540, www.easystarthomes.com.au

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