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Amelia Broun reveals her secret to the perfect cake

As a busy Seven News journalist, Amelia Broun doesn’t always have the luxury of spending hours on a Sunday afternoon moulding delicious ingredients into an even more delicious cake.

Which is why a simple and foolproof cinnamon tea cake recipe is perfect for her.

To Broun, pictured, the cake is reminiscent of afternoon tea on those birthdays or other special occasions, where the tedium of school was slightly improved by the thought of the looming treat.

“I can still remember the smell of the cake through the house as we’d run through the door from school,” she said.

Held in the classic 1924 Golden Wattle Cookery Book, the recipe has been in Broun’s family for years and her mother offered her a copy when Broun moved out of home. “There are no special ingredients, in fact it’s probably one of the easiest cakes you could make, but it’s delicious and I love the fact it is so simple,” she said.

“I’m the first to admit I am not the greatest baker. I enjoy making the basics like muffins, cakes, soups and pasta.”

She said her mother taught her the basics of cooking and baking when she was younger.

“She is a great home cook who spent hours every day making us delicious meals — and she still does now every Monday night for our weekly family dinner,” Broun said.

“I’ve definitely enjoyed being in the kitchen more as I’ve grown older.

“My husband is an incredible cook and has taught me a lot, so I’m very lucky to be surrounded by plenty of good food.”

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