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Adorable baby with incredible head of hair is the new face of Pantene

The new face of Pantene is a baby.

A baby with a huge head of glossy black hair! A really cute baby! With really good hair! So cute!

Baby Chanco has been winning hearts and biological clocks since she was profiled by People last year, as her pics from her adoring mamma Mami Kano had garnered her 300,000 followers. Little Chanco now has a few thousand more followers and a Pantene ad to call her very own.

media_cameraBaby Chanco in her Pantene ad.

Baby Chanco appears in a photo version of the ad alongside Sato Kondo, a Japanese TV host.

“We went straight to her mother because Chanco’s personality and special character matches our image for women we want to support,” P&G Japan Hair Care associate brand director Yoshiaki Okura speaking to People.

“Baby Chanco celebrated her first birthday on December 23rd this year, with a relaxed updo surrounded by balloons and streamers, like a regular fabulous baby.”

Ms Kano said the secret to her baby’s beautiful head of hair is regular brushing and a relaxed lifestyle.

“Just let her live as she is,” she said.

Why did we never think of using a baby to sell hair products before? Or any products for that matter?

If you are a human woman who buys shampoo and likes babies you’re going to be, in this instance, approving of Pantene.

media_cameraBaby Chanco has a viral Instagram page.
media_cameraBaby Chanco shows off her mane.

Chanco also appears in The Hairy Tale, a video ad which appears on Pantene’s YouTube channel.

The short tells the story is told about Baby Chanco and her special head of hair. The narrative spins off into a tale about learning to love each other’s differences and how Chanco’s hair moves her forward, but the message is clear: Baby Chanco is cute.

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