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A380 in Denver? It doesn’t appear to be happening anytime quickly.

The world’s largest passenger aircraft — the Airbus A380, a double-decker whale of a plane — has never landed at Denver International Airport, one of the nation’s largest airports.

And as of now, even with projections for continued population growth in Denver and across Colorado and DIA’s increasing notoriety as a worldwide hub, it doesn’t look like the behemoth is coming to the Mile High City anytime soon.

So what are the chances travelers will get a chance to ride on the A380 to or from DIA in the near future? They look to be pretty slim.

With domestic passenger airlines phasing out the nearly-as-large Boeing 747 by year’s end — United had its last 747 flight on Nov. 7, which came on the heels of a farewell at DIA — large planes are falling out of style across the nation and world.

Carriers are opting instead for more fuel-efficient wide-body planes, from the Boeing 777 and 787 to the Airbus A350 and A330.

Two carriers that fly the A380 operate out of Denver — British Airways and Lufthansa — but they probably won’t use the plane on their routes to Colorado anytime soon.

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