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A message to my fellow “young-timers” about looking to the past

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Re: “A course correction based on historical mistakes,” Jan. 19 Patty Limerick column.

Patty Limerick’s “course correction” works both ways. Limerick points out past human folly, while introducing concerns of today’s youth. She states students today worry about “careless and wasteful use of resources” while agonizing over certain inabilities to “consider climate change in reasoned ways.” As cliché as it is, despite future concerns, we must also learn from the past.

Fellow young-timers, please seize every opportunity to ask yourself, “What are lessons that can be learned from those with more wisdom and age?” It takes a concerted effort. It isn’t enough to point a finger, far more important to take the steps. It isn’t enough to tell, we must act.

To anyone reading this, all other notions must be lost. If you’d like to spend a day surrounded by a plethora of knowledge, look around. Wisdom and concern is everywhere; a simple question will spark your next conversation starter.

Christina Heese, Denver

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