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A lack of compassion and a lack of understanding shown by GWS forward Jeremy Cameron

Back in the eighties and nineties a group of superstar forwards built their reputations on intimidation.

Tony Lockett, Gary Ablett Snr, Dermott Brereton and Wayne Carey changed the dynamic of kicking goals.

The time-honoured tradition of defenders making their opponents ‘nervous’ became a thing of the past.

Those names I just dropped had no hesitation in ‘dropping’ defenders. Rumour has it that one or two might issue a warning, but that none could be relied upon to do so. They were as erratic as they were brilliant.

A combination that could be tough when it came to AFL Tribunal hearings. There’s no doubt in my mind that all four benefited from leniency over time.

Am I suggesting the odd blind eye was turned to keep the turnstiles turning? I guess I am.

Which brings us to the Gabba on Saturday.

And the inexplicable collision initiated by Giants forward Jeremy Cameron.

Andrews was later taken to hospital.
Camera IconAndrews was later taken to hospital.Picture: Getty Images

I like Cameron. I like the way he brings a little bit of that old-time swagger. But his effort that landed Brisbane’s brightest star, Harris Andrews, in hospital over the weekend was way out of step with current norms.

If we learnt anything about Jeremy Cameron in round 14 it’s that on the footy field he lacked both compassion and understanding.

The compassion for a worthy opponent and the understanding of what the Giants needed from him in the weeks ahead.

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